Looking for WordPress Installation Service?

So, I’m guessing you don’t want to mess with databases, FTP servers, and WordPress settings and you want someone to install WordPress, make it fast, secure, and search engine optimized, set up some necessary plugins and maybe even some premium jaw-dropping themes. (And preferably not go bankrupt in the process)

If this is the case, then keep reading. (if not – how have you managed to land on this page?)

Who is Andrew?

My name is Andrew, I’m 23, I live in Latvia (good luck finding it on the map), and I’m an Aquarius in case you are interested on our astrological compatibility :) .  I’m a web developer who happens to love WordPress. I work with WP exclusively since 2009, so it’s been 3 years of terrific experience.

What can I do for you?

Here’s what I can offer to make your life easier:

  • Install WordPress on your website
  • Secure WordPress installation to protect it from hacker attacks and nasty virus injections.
  • Set up spam prevention, so you won’t be spammed to death.
  • Optimize your website for search engines and make sure Google is able to find your website easily.
  • Set up Google Analytics so you would see the complete statistics for your website.
  • Set up my “Andrew’s plugin pack” which includes security plugins, SEO plugins, and performance optimization plugins (in normal language it means that your website will be secure, it will be easier to find, and it will load faster).
  • Install three premium themes of your choice from woothemes.com and elegantthemes.com (I have developers licence to those themes, so you don’t have to pay anything extra)
  • Set up a special page with contact form
  • Set up a sitemap page where all your future pages and posts will appear automatically (this page makes it easier for Google to crawl your website).

 How much does it cost?

The whole WordPress Installation Service package costs just 40 bucks. It takes me around 50-70 minutes to set everything up, my rate is $40 per hour, so I take 40 dollars for 1 website installation. (simple math :) )

How long will it take?

Your website will be set up withing 48 hours of receiving all the login details to your website. If for some reasons it will take me longer than 48 hours then I’ll refund your money. Deal?

Do you qualify for Wordpress Installation Service by Andrew?

Here’s a bummer: I don’t work with everyone. Let’s take a quick test and see if you qualify:

You don’t expect me to be awake for 48 hours straight and you won’t have a panic attack if I don’t reply to your email within 15 minutes. (I will reply withing 24 hours though)

You understand that additional services (like theme modification, additional plugin installation, etc) cannot be done for free. (They can be done for $40/hour rate though)

You understand that I will not teach you how to use WordPress. (I can offer you a WordPress video tutorial package if you are interested though)

Now, if you can put your right hand on your heart and put checkers to all three checkboxes, then click here to order Wordpress Installation Service by Andrew!

And if you have any questions feel free to add a comment below. (In case you’re shy or you just want to admire my wit and my writing style privately you can email me at andrew at 40dollarwpinstall.com :) )